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Long form integrated programs 

Our most comprehensive offerings are our 6-12 month programs building capacity in charismatic leadership and emotional agility. The modules are comprised of reading material, priming tasks, practical components and integration tasks. These programs are tailored for grad groups to leadership cohorts and have a profound sustained impact.  

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Large scale activations

In line with our value of active over passive, we don't deliver static keynotes. We offer a facilitated keynote with roving mics in the room and live facilitation for groups between 80 and 2000 in size. These are memorable and engaging sessions that achieve intimacy and growth with even the largest of group sizes.


Custom built group workshops

We deliver shorter interventions for groups that aren't ready to invest in the long form integrated programs.  These range in length from 90 mins to full day sessions with themes decided through consultation with the client's key stakeholders.