Transformation is no longer a phase but the new constant.

~ Tom Harkin- Tomorrow Architects

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Build the foundation that takes your team to a place where growth is possible.

Social Capital Workshop

Where to begin? Our renowned Social Capital Workshop is the pre-condition that begins all group programs, as well as its own offering. Perfected over 20 years, this starting point drops guards and removes tension to create an open environment that’s ready for meaningful engagement and intervention.

Social capital is about strengthening the fabric of a group or organisation. Traditionally, this relies on the significant amount of time people spend together, the challenges they go through (requiring that time), and the drinks-fuelled occasions they share. In this workshop, we will practise a far more sophisticated way of creating social lubricant that creates immediate social capital wherever you go, whether it’s with internal team members, external clients and stakeholders, in a society that has little time.

Grow trust, deepen connections and encourage divergent opinions to reap the rewards.

Bespoke small group immersives

Whether you're looking for something refreshingly different for  culture transformation or wanting to solve known internal issues, we create small group immersives that are targeted towards your specific needs. We will mobilise around your challenges and opportunities, and facilitate breakthroughs as a team.

Activate leadership transformation for extraordinary performance amid complexity.

Long-form Leadership Development Program

To shake up your leadership system, our flagship Developmental Leader Program is a complete end-to-end exploration of leadership on increasing scales of influence. Through a ground-up approach, we scaffold the individual's transformation to then enable the group's transformation, to then enable those leaders to influence the organisation, industry and other systems.

Delivered at intervals of your choosing, the modules marry the latest research on leadership development, culture and complexity, with your organisational requirements.

Run intimate and engaging experiences at scale.

Large-scale Activations, Plenary Facilitation, & Offsite design

Our large-scale activations reinvent traditional keynote speaking engagements and can make a room of 1000 feel like an intimate gathering. In this rare opportunity that everyone is together, it is fundamental that we co-design an experience that pays off when people disperse back into the business.

Multiplying the value of your off-site, we ensure three things. One, that this experiential learning deepens the connective tissue of the organisation. Two, that we create transformation, not more information downloads, for each individual and the collective group in attendance, rippling into the wider business. And three, that participants are engaged and feel empowered from co-creating the outcomes.

We continue to explore cutting-edge leadership development and organisational culture from around the world, and deliver an experience that applies directly to your organisation.

Practise positive behaviour change and collaborative solutions.

1:1 Coaching & Group Coaching Integrations

As a full-suite learning and development consultancy, we offer personalised developmental journeys to leaders through one-on-one executive coaching, informed by research-based vertical development tools.

We also work with teams and organisational groups through a unique group coaching, dialogue and integration approach. These developmental group journeys begin with expert guidance to set the pace then scale back facilitator intervention until a peer-to-peer developmental coaching culture is integrated and perpetuated internally.

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We respectfully acknowledge the first custodians of the land on which we live and work, the Wurrundjeri People of the Kulin Nation. We pay respects to Elders past, present and emerging and to all First Nations People. Sovereignty was never ceded and treaties were never signed.

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