Knowledge grows through theory, but capability grows through experience. So, we play with ‘live ammunition’.

There is the spectrum of learning approaches: theory → simulation → live ammunition. Existing within the latter end, we create a lived experience of high-performance learning cultures that enable participants to build the muscle memory required for thriving back at the workplace. Like surrogate leaders, we embody researched leadership traits and at times lead our client’s teams within the program, an immersive learning ground that transforms how they operate together.

This experiential education reveals both the limitations and opportunities of our current leadership mindset and behaviours. Participants are invited to step beyond their comfort zone, the sweet spot of disequilibrium for challenging status quo limits. But it is also crucial that we uphold psychological safety at work, so people feel comfortable to get uncomfortable, thus can healthily explore and integrate new capabilities.

Let’s do ‘leadership’, not just talk about it.

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Our Style

We don’t do ‘traditional’.

Have you ever needed to sit through a passive one-way talk or cringy team-building exercise, wishing you could get on with real work? Often, even the high from ‘motivational content’ is short-lived and disconnected to consequential truths. We treat all our work with clients as an opportunity that must upgrade capability and unlock leadership transformation.

We want to know what is standing in the way of your strategy and what breakthroughs need to happen, without shying away from the big issues that are only shared at the water cooler. Through facilitated narrative dialogue, our content strikes at the heart of the current reality for individuals and teams, embracing its challenges and opportunities. Our unique method also allows participants to feel empowered from co-creating the outcomes.

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Our Content

Genius lies at the intersection of surprisingly diverse areas of knowledge, styles, philosophies and tools.

Our work stands at the intersection of rigorous research and creative experimentation. We continuously iterate our learning design for every group and context, drawing ideas and inspiration from domains as diverse as the arts, sports and peak performance, both positive and developmental psychology, human sciences and systems thinking. We create cut-through with those sceptical of leadership intervention ROI, and hit a relevance for participants that stays in their bones.

In addition, our diverse team are each masters of their craft, who walk the fine line between knowledge and expertise, honouring the rigour of research-based approaches while continuously challenging their own and each other's thinking.

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Skilled facilitators can intuit group dynamics, transforming the ‘unsaid’ into profound growth.

As facilitators, we illuminate the subtextual team dynamics that often undermines or unlocks performance, rather than talking superficially without acknowledging what's really going on or what's really being felt in the room. We directly unpack and explore this subtext as a group, igniting the room that would otherwise be disengaged. Our participants immediately know: We are on. I'm being seen. I'm being heard. I'm playing a role in this.

It might be that two participants publicly explore their unsaid tension. These 'unsaids' often hold uncomfortable truths, but are key to individual and team transformation when explored in an empathetic, non-judgemental and constructive environment through skilled group facilitation. Neither winners nor losers in the situation, participants will understand that discomfort is not threatening while witnessing and collaborating in each other's growth.  

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TRANS-formative versus IN-formative learning. There’s a difference.

For a long time, leadership development has been concerned with 'informing'. Informational learning focuses on imparting the newest knowledge and providing the tools to support better leading and cut through the world’s complexity. It has added new content to the existing 'form' of a leader's mind. But what if that’s not enough anymore? What if the 'form' itself needs to change?

The challenges inherent in the current global reality are calling for a profound shift in the way we educate our leaders, with a focus on 'transforming'. Transformative learning does not aim to help make the world simpler, but instead focuses on developing the internal complexity of leaders, teams and organisations themselves, so they effectively rise to the challenges of a complex outer world.

At Tomorrow Architects, we deliver a leadership development formula that enables this transformation. Participants leave with the internalised recipe to drive their ongoing transformation as an effective and relevant leader, a performance imperative that will supersede technical expertise.

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