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Wellbeing & safety go hand in hand

Tomorrow Architects Industries (TAi) is the nexus point between safety culture and mental health wellbeing. We don’t just offer strategies to improve wellbeing and safety, we create engaging and challenging training grounds inclusive of tangible tools that translate to a positive impact on your workforce and your business.

By fostering an environment of physiological safety to practise the utilisation of these tools live in the room, we’re drastically improving team dialogue, building social capital, increasing productivity and leadership capability and impacting your bottom line.

We lose seven men and two women we lose every day to suicide and in the construction industry rates are higher. TAi aims to change these stats by supporting your greatest asset – your people! By actively growing emotional capability and literacy, we can equip your employees for an ever-changing world and create a safe, productive and inclusive workplace for your existing and future workforce.

In 2020 male-dominated workplaces across Australia accounted for 113 of the 127 workplace deaths according to Safe Work Australia. Not to mention the seven men we lose every day to suicide. TAi aims to change these stats by supporting your greatest asset – your people! By actively growing emotional capability and literacy, we can equip your employees for an ever-changing world and create a safe, productive and inclusive workplace for your existing and future workforce.

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Deconstructing stereotypes to build connection and improve performance

(TAi) deconstructs and rewrites the ‘Rule of Industry’ via immersive, experiential workshops delivered in blue collar workplaces and elite sporting environments around the globe.

These highly immersive interventions explore the impact the traditional stereotype has on us as people. Whilst at the same time creating psychologically safe and unique training grounds, fostering environments for conversations about the secret lives we often live and often believe we’re the only living through these moments, when in fact there are many shared experiences we’re just unaware of.

The outcomes produced are greater depth in connectivity, social capital and far more clarity and understanding of the team we work in. This depth of connection allows participants to speak with greater honesty, question one another and speak up when things aren’t safe or they don’t understand. By tightening the social fabric of an organisation or team we see greater retention rates, safer working environments and an uptick in mental wellbeing as well as overall happiness across the workforce.

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Breaking the Code

What version of man/woman have we been sold? How well versed are we in the rules to follow to become the typical man/woman and how difficult it is to walk your own path? But who wrote the rules?

We investigate the origins of the rules that dictate our beliefs, behaviours, actions and their consequences. By exploring the state of humanity and facing the facts and stats of Australians, we understand how those stats have shown up in our social circles and realise the impact.

This session finishes with an opportunity to defy the rules of the stereotype and exercise some emotional muscle. Having meaningful conversations of depth that builds social capital, raises trust levels, empathy, and creates a precedent for more robust and intimate dialogue. What new code would we willingly sign our names to as people of today and tomorrow?


Narrative (Story So Far)

This immersive experience allows participants to understand the nature of stories, the characters (friends, family, work colleagues) and events that have shaped us to date and how we create change in the chapters to come that have yet to be written...

We'll look at the moments that have shaped us as people and the impact that people, places or moments in time have had on us personally and our belief system. The by-product of these conversations is an increase in self-awareness and storytelling capability to emotionally move and lead people. And for us to take the step from character to author - the ability to choose your own catalyst.


Resilience and Wellbeing

Awareness around how we track our bodies and minds to find our way back to green. Understanding behaviours and where they come from and the impact they have on our everyday lives. When things start to go pear-shaped how do we respond? Are we in full control of our response, or are there other forces at play?

Stress management and resilience in times of change can be difficult, but greater self-awareness can make this much easier. The current pace of change is the slowest pace of change we'll experience moving forward, we need to be able to agile, adaptable and aware enough of our own process to keep up.

Our bodies and minds are amazing, the more understanding we have over the way they operate the better equipped we are to navigate difficult situations at work and in our personal lives.


The Next Chapter / Legacy

What is it that really drives you as an individual? 

Once we understand both our extrinsic and intrinsic motivation we are far more equipped to go after the things that really matter. In turn, we have a better understanding of what we want to add to the world personally and professionally. 

In closing, which environments do we want to improve upon and what has stopped us up until now? Let's look at what we really want to Stop | Start | Keep.


Here's some organisations we've partnered with, creating moments of growth for their leaders and teams.

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We respectfully acknowledge the first custodians of the land on which we live and work, the Wurrundjeri People of the Kulin Nation. We pay respects to Elders past, present and emerging and to all First Nations People. Sovereignty was never ceded and treaties were never signed.

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